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Speedheater Rapid Slim

Half as wide, twice as fast

Speedheater IR system Rapid Slim is very effective and flexible for both interior and exterior paint removal. This model is fitted with an optimized heating area allowing for better access to corners. The IR heater allows for quick, easy and eco-friendly paint removal from most wood surfaces, and has the ability to soften old, hardened putty as well as modern rubber-like putty types. Unique scraping tools, mainly intended for window renovation, are included in this system package. Everything is designed to achieve the best result in the shortest possible time. This system is unbeatable on straight and flat surfaces such as large window frames, facades and joinery.
Deliverd with:
  • one boomerang scraper
  • a puttychisel
  • a putty scraper & angle support

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Technical specification, Speedheater Rapid Slim:

In compliance with EN 60335-1, EN 60335-2-45 standards.

Connection: 1 phase standard grounded outlet.
Cord: 3 x 1,5 sq mm rubber wire, 2.5 m long.
Volts: 220-240 /110
Watts : 1100
Amps: 4.8
Weight: approx. 1400g.
Dimensions: L= 355 mm, W= 90 mm, H= 200 mm.
Overheating protection.
Protects device components from being overheated.
Heating Element: 2 x 550 Watts IR tubes
Heating surface: 310 x 70 mm.
Angle support included
User manual/safety precautions:
Delivered with angle support
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