Flexi scraper

Speedheaters Flexi scarper – the multi-tool that is completely unique in its kind! Developed with regard to craftsmen and the need for a tool that is both flexible and easy to use. Innovative and flexible paint scraper that is delivered together with a unique one-handed cover, blade magazine with three different scraper blades and six possible scraper profiles. The ultimate tool for paint scraping!

This includes:

  • Flexi scraper
  • 3 scraper blades with a total of 6 profiles
  • Blade magazine
  • Case


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Speedheater Flexi scraper – 6 scraper profiles in 1 multi-tool!

A world-unique patent-pending and flexible paint scraper with as many as 6 profiles in 1!

We have talked to many craftsmen and home fixers over the years, and the demand for a paint scraper that is both flexible and easy to use has always been huge. The biggest wishes were access to many scraper profiles in the same tool, minimization of the work of having to reassemble scraper blades, and a flexible one-handed tool to increase efficiency. Speedheater Flexi scraper is unique and tops all paint scrapers on the market!

Flexi scraper - the number one tool for craftsmen

Of all the things that make Speedheater Flexi scraper unique, one of the foremost is the flexible blade holder that makes it easy to use all sides of the scraper blade without having to reassemble the inserts. With our flexible paint scraper, it only takes a few seconds to change profile! The scraper has two fixed positions with an optimal angle for efficient and ergonomic work. The angle creates a better working angle and makes it easy to access in small spaces. Perfect for window renovation and detailed smaller panels. The handle is light, easy to grip and comfortable to hold.

The scraper blades are collected in a blade magazine that is attached to the belt to always be available. The blade magazine folds out of the case and can be disconnected or securely placed on the back of the case during work. The three inserts have a total of six different profiles and are made of the highest quality with a unique steel composition that’s sandable to ensure the longest possible durability. The case is attached to the belt and enables a one-handed grip to effectively simplify the work.

The market’s most flexible paint scraper

The flexi scraper is delivered together with a set of 3 different scraper blades collected in a blade magazine and user-friendly belt case. In total, the scraper kit contains 6 different panel profiles!

Paint scraper multitool multi scraper

This includes:

1 pc Flexi scraper
Paint scraper with grip-friendly and ergonomically designed lightweight handle with a unique flexible angle solution and two fixed positions. Possibility to work with all sides of the insert without having to reassemble the blade!

3 pcs Scraper blades
Three different scraper blades with a total of 6 different profiles. The scraper blades are sandable and compatible with all our tools.

1 pcs Blade Magazine
Keeps all your scraper blades in order and attaches to the side of the case included. Blade Magazine sells separately here.

1 pcs Case
Belt case for easy one-handed handling. Holds the flexible scraper and the entire blade magazine with the 3 included scraper inserts in place.

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