Speedheater Standard

The SH IR System Standard is an effective and flexible overall solution for both interior and exterior paint removal. Our unique scraping tools and IR heaters allow for quick and effective paint removal from most wood surfaces. Delivered with one profile scraper, one clapboard scraper & anglesupport.

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The original infrared paint stripping tool from Speedheater!

Technical specification, Speedheater Standard

CE: In compliance with EN 60335-1, EN 60335-2-45 standards.
Connection: 1 phase standard grounded outlet.
Cord: 3 x 1,5 sq mm rubber wire, 2.5 m long.
Volts: 220-240 /110
Watts : 1100
Amps: 4.8
Weight: approx. 1950g
Dimensions: L= 360 mm, W= 180 mm, H= 200 mm.
Overheating protection.
Protects device components from being overheated.
Heating Element: 2 x 550 Watts IR tubes
Heating surface: 310 x 70 mm.
Angle support included
User manual/safety precautions:
Delivered with angle support
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