Clapboard Scraper

For scraping smooth surfaces

Speedheater’s panel scraper is easy and effective to use on heated paint. It is meant to be used to scrape even surfaces such as facades. Please heat up the paint beforehand in accordance with the Speedheater Method TM. Speedheater’s panel scraper also has an ergonomic handle which makes work easier without damaging the wood.

Scraper blades of the highest quality

Our smart scraper has a blade that is designed for a variety of profiles. The blades are made of a hard and durable special steel, making our scraper a long-lasting investment. In addition, the blades can be sharpened by whetting their back side, which preserves the unique profiles of the blades.

Tips for when you use the panel scraper

  • Make sure that the paint is sufficiently heated
  • Whet only the back side of the blade
  • Lift and press down the scraper for every stroke


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