Window Restoration – Step by step tutorial

Are you considering restoring old windows on your house, or reusing old window frames? Great idea! We at Speedheater encourage Window Restoration and the reuse of original windows. There are so many benefits of using existing resources instead of buying new. By doing so, we can save both on money and at the same time being environmental friendly. And perhaps best of all, old windows are incredibly beautiful and contribute to the craftsmanship and character of the house.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, Speedheater’s products ensure that your window restoration is both fast, fun and non-toxic! We have the tools that you need to best prepare the material, and be able to reach all nooks and crannies. Moreover, by using our tools, you do not have to worry about damaging the surface (not even the glass!) or being exposed to hazardous fumes while repairing the windows.

Step By Step

This is How You Restore Old Windows!

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Step 1

Prepare for Restoring a Wood Window

Remove Trim, Stops & Sash from the jamb, Markup all pieces

  • Always wear protective gloves and safety glasses when handling glass.
  • Review the fittings, which ones work, and which ones need to be repaired or replaced?
  • Look for irregularities in the frame. If any, either repair them immediately or mark so you easaly find them later. Check if trim needs to be caulked
  • Mark all components, before removing the windows, so you can be sure to put the window back together correctly. The glass and frame are unique and should be matched together in the same ways as they were. Write down where they have been, mark out which parts belong to each window and what side that is going be indoor or outdoor.
  • Disassemble the windows and lay them on a flat surface. A suggestion is to use a protective cardboard underneath to collect dirt, splinters, old paint and other residue.
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Step 2

Remove old paint and putty

  • Use Speedheater’s paint scrapers and heating systems to soften and easily scrape off the putty and paint that are in poor condition.
  • In order to make the paint and putty soft, infrared light is used before scraping. By using IR-light the paint will be heated from the inside, but won’t rise to such high temperatures that the glass or wood is damaged. We recommend Speedheater Cobra or Speedheater Rapid Slim for an easy-to-work, non-toxic and gentle paint removal as possible. Speedheater Cobra is well suited for smaller areas, while Speedheater Rapid Slim covers larger areas in one go.
  • Remove the softened paint with a paint scraper that fits the profiles on your trim. For most windows, we recommend a Boomerang scraper with different profiles on the different sides. You get the best results if you pull the paint scraper towards yourself, with a light pressure against the wood. We recommend stripping all old paint to make your next paint job last longer and look better.
  • To remove the old putty and caulk, loosen it from the window frame with a putty chisel with support wheels. Thereafter you can safely remove the window putty without damaging either the wood or the glass pane. Then release the putty from the glass using a putty scraper that slides along the glass. Once the putty is out, there are also small metal glazing points embedded into the wood that hold the glass in place. Make sure to remove those first, before you try to get the glass out.

Watch our instruction video below for a thorough review of how to proceed with window renovation.

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Step 3

Repaint, Glaze and Reassemble the Window

  • Sand all wooden surfaces to a matte finish to give the new paint a good grip.
  • Check the wood quality and repair if there is any rotten or damaged parts.If you’ve got broken or rotten wood then now is the time to repair it. If you’re a good carpenter then making some dutchman repairs or milling new parts might be the way you go, but for the DIYer using a wood epoxy is usually a good alernative.
  • If the wood in the seam is very dry or gray, it is good to apply base oil. Make sure it has dried properly before adding the putty.
  • Make sure the humidity in the wood is lower than 15% before you start painting the window.
  • Apply Shellac into the inner frame to prevent the wood from absorbing the oil in the putty.
  • Paint the wooden frames once.
  • Make sure to remove all residue from yout glass before you bed it. Bedding the glass refers to installing the glass back into the sash in a bed of putty. This helps air seal the glass and prevents water from getting behind the glass due to condensation. Insert the glass into the opening gently and apply firm pressure around the edges. This will cause excess putty to squeeze out the inside.
  • Carefully nail in glazing points, and protect the glass with tape. Putty is laid out along an entire side, then use a putty knife or a finger is to firmly pack putty into the rabbet, press towards the edge to even out the mass against the window trim. Repeat the treatment around the entire window. Let the putty dry completely before painting. This may take several days depending on the putty.
  • While your paint is curing it’s a great time to restore hardware like fittings and hinges if needed.
  • Review the window frame, jamb, panes and sill, scrape and paint where needed.

Tutorial - Window Restoration

IR lamp reduces the risk of damage to the surface

Restoring Windows requires patience and precision, but with our tools the work will be efficient and minimize the risks of damaging glass or wooden surfaces. Working only with dry scraping is unnecessarily tiring and also increases the risks of destroying the surface. In a lot of old windows, the glass is beautiful hand-blown and fragile, and need careful handling. Our infrared technology is specially developed with temperatures that reduce the risk of damage to both glass and wood.

Flexible tools that remove both paint and putty

With Speedheater, you can quickly soften and remove both putty, flaky paint and even mold! Stripping paint and dry wood in the window frame at the same time. This is what we mean by being able to work efficiently! One tool for the entire restoration. With our products, you can gently remove several layers of paint all the way down to the surface in just a few seconds. It is always the bottom layer of paint that will determine how good the result on future paint layers will be. When paint and putty have been warmed up, it becomes soft and easy to scrape off without any damaging.

Repaint and apply new putty immediately without waiting

In just a few minutes, the surface is clean and repaintable. The technology we have developed gives a surface that is dry and normally temperate at once. Which means that you avoid waiting time and can paint immediately!

Environmentally friendly paint stripping technique for window restoration

Using infrared technology when removing paint is considerately for both you and the environment. With our products, you avoid handling chemicals and to strain both your work environment and our common living environment.
Our IR technology ensures that paint removal is free of toxic fumes. Not only that — our products maintain a very high quality, long durability and will be with you during many renovations and restorations in the future.

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Speedheater is a company that develops, manufactures and sells products and system solutions for stripping paint, putty and varnish. We are a company that thinks of facilitating and streamlining the method of removing paint. Speedheater IR System is a method that is both more environmentally friendly, safer and more affordable than all other methods for removing paint. Feel free to contact us for a free quote on our unbeatable method of heating paint away from the facade, boat, furniture or car.

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