How to remove paint easily and quickly

When painting a facade or other surface, it is important to remove all the old facade paint. There are different methods of removing paint and new techniques have made it easier. The most common method is to heat the paint up with a hot air gun that has a very high temperature. Many people don’t realize that the high temperature damages the wood and has a negative effect on the user’s health. That is why Speedheater has developed a method that is easy to use and doesn’t cause damage to the wood or the user. The solution was the Speedheater IR System, the unbeatable method to remove paint quicker, easier and more eco- friendly.

Why is it so important to remove the old paint?

If you paint directly on an old painted surface that has started to peel, it won’t last very long and, most importantly, the final result won’t look very good. By stripping the paint with heat in a quick and easy way, you will avoid a lot of problems later down the line. Thorough ground work is also important in order for the paint to last, provide protection and look good. Remove facade paint quicker and more efficiently with our unbeatable method and save yourself lots of time.

Important things to consider when you remove paint

  • Do not damage the surface
  • Avoid high temperatures
  • Use an eco-friendly method
  • Choose a safe and gentle method

Heat removal of paint with the Speedheater IR System

Are you repainting your house and looking for an effective method of paint removal? No other paint removal method is more effective than the Speedheater System. Our method will mean less work for you while providing an end result of higher quality and longer durability. It is also more environmentally friendly, safer and more affordable than all other methods. It is also a versatile tool that can be used for so much more than just paint removal.

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Speedheater is a company that develops, manufactures and sells products and system solutions for paint, putty and varnish removal. We are a company that at every department strives to facilitate and streamline the method of paint removal. Speedheater IR System is a method that is more eco-friendly, safer and more affordable than all other methods of paintremoval. Welcome to contact us for a free quote on our unbeatable heat-based method to remove paint your facade, boat, furniture or car.

Speedheater IR System

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