What are the advantages of paint removal with a heat gun compared to IR heat?

The first question is of course – will both tools help you remove paint? Yes, but there are many reasons why it is both safer and more efficient to use Speedheater’s IR system. Here are some examples of why we recommend Speedheater over a hot air gun.

  • Precision: The specific infrared wavelengths used in Speedheater ™ only heat what is directly in front of the heat source and not the surrounding area. Heat guns blow super hot air unevenly over a wider surface, which increases the risk of fire and reduces efficiency. The heat gun must also be in constant motion, which makes it difficult to control where and for how long the paint is heated.
  • Lower temperature: Speedheater bara only needs to heat the paint to 110-160 ° C / 400-600 ℉ to separate the bottom layer of paint from the wood. Heat guns must heat paint from the top down to 400 ° C / 1000 ℉ to make the surface ready for scraping.
  • Less fire risk: Speedheater ™ infrared rays only create heat in the upper part of the wood and in the paint and therefore minimize the risk of fire. The hot air of the hot air gun goes between and under boards and in cracks where dust and debris can easily ignite. The high heat penetrates the back of the wood and into the material behind the wood. Undetected from the surface, these can catch fire later after the scraping is complete.
  • Knowledge: Speedheater ™ requires less prior knowledge for safe monitoring of the heat. With Speedheater ™ you can quickly remove all the paint layers down to the bare wood with a few strokes. With hot air guns, reheating is often required and additional scraping is often necessary to remove the paint. Without the right tools and experience, there is a great risk that the wood will be damaged.

Speedheater vs. hot air gun

Speedheater Standard color removal with IR

Speedheater IR system

Värmepistol, Varmluftspistol, heat gun, hot air gun

Hot air gun

Did you know that you can buy and rent Speedheater from dealers throughout Sweden?

Several of our resellers offer both the purchase and rental of our IR technology. Find your nearest retailer here.

Why should I choose Speedheater if I am a professional?

Our products give you a non-toxic work environment, are of high quality and are ergonomically designed to make your work both fast and smooth! Our products have a long service life and a very low energy consumption, which provides good economy even in the long term. We develop flexible machines that work on many different types of projects, large and small, and the safety for both you and the surface is very high. Take care of yourself and your environment!

Why should I choose Speedheater if I am a carpenter?

Our products are extremely simple and safe to use, even for the beginner. We have developed our products to provide a safe working environment where no harmful amounts of toxins are released during use, which is especially important in the home environment and in families with children, for example. With our products, you minimize the risks of burning yourself and the surface and the flexibility means that you can use our products on most of your renovation projects such as exteriors, windows and furniture.

Skrapa färg med Speedheater
Color removal with infrared heat

When is it best to choose Speedheater over Hot Air Gun?

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, Speedheater IR systems are safer, faster and more user-friendly compared to e.g. hot air guns.

  • High quality
  • Fast
  • Flexible
  • Sure
  • Non-toxic
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Low energy consumption
  • Long shelf life
  • Good repair options

When is it best to choose a hot air gun over Speedheater?

In the short term, the price is the biggest advantage of hot air guns. The range is large and there are many models to choose from that are cheaper than a Speedheater. In the long run, however, a hot air gun is not an economically advantageous choice as it consumes more energy and is difficult to renovate and repair.

  • Cheaper
  • Wide range

Want to try a Speedheater but not quite ready for the investment yet? Contact your nearest dealer and rent a Speedheater instead!


“Oh what a design! Impressively fast, good balance, easy and smooth to work with, also completely quiet.”

Håkan Pettersson / P&A Byggmåleri AB, Trollhättan

“Cobran is superior; fast and agile.”

Mats Magnander / GBG Måleridesign AB, Göteborg