Advice for choice of scraper

Are you looking for an effective paint scraper for your coming renovation project? During all maintenance work, groundwork and finishing have a big impact on how good the end result will be. In order for the paint to attach itself it is important that the surface is clean, dry and firm. There is otherwise a risk that the paint will form a layer over a surface of moisture and dirt which will cause the paint to peel. So it’s important to select an effective method and a scraper that is suited for the work that you are about to do. What scraper should you select, then? Here, you will find some tips about paint scrapers for different maintenance work, and good advice about different kinds of scrapers.

Paint scraper in five different models:

  • Profile scraper – for coarser work
  • Boomerang scraper – for the finer details
  • Panel scraper – for fast scraping of larger surfaces
  • Putty scraper – for windows and pane grooves etc.
  • Putty chisel – chisel with adjustable support wheel against the window sash

Developed for IR technology

With a qualitative scraping method, the lifespan of the result increases several times compared to  a traditional paint scraper. Speedheater provides paint scrapers that are developed for IR technology, which softens the paint layers all the way to the wood surface. Our method is easy to use and doesn’t harm the environment, surface or user. The solution was the Speedheater IR System, the unbeatable method to remove paint quicker, easier and more eco-friendly. In order to enable window restoration without breaking the glass, we have also developed a method and paint scraper that is designed to minimize the risk of damage to windows. Read more about our unbeatable method here

Consider this when you are scraping:

  • Choose a paint scraper that doesn’t damage the surface
  • Heat up the paint thoroughly before scraping
  • Choose a paint scraper that is suited for the work
  • Lift and press down the scraper for every stroke