Sales and delivery terms

Shipping and freight insurance to be added.

These terms apply as follows for the different customer categories.

I. Retailers and other non-end users

Transport conditions:

CIP according to Incoterms 2010. Shipping and freight insurance paid to the stated delivery destination.

• When applying the “CIP” delivery term, the Seller takes out an insurance policy on behalf of the Purchaser. This insurance policy must have a specific minimum insurance cover.

• The Seller is responsible for transport to the agreed on destination. The Seller shall notify the Purchaser of when the goods have been delivered and shall dispatch an invoice and any other documents as per agreement.

• The Purchaser shall carry all risks once the first carrier has picked up the goods. Usually, goods are transported in containers.

• The Purchaser shall remain responsible for any import procedures applicable to the goods.

• CIP can be applied to all forms of transport and is especially common for container transports.   B. Terms of sales

• General delivery terms NL 09.

• Also applicable outside Scandinavia.

Communication of the terms of trade:

1. For the applicable warranty conditions, see the annex;

2. The general terms of delivery in NL 09 shall apply,

3. For the conditions of transport, CIP according to Incoterms 2010 shall apply,

The above must be stated on the web site and shall be included in the order confirmation as well as noted in the Distribution Agreements/Retailer Agreements (for possible agents). The terms of NL09 and Incoterms are available on-line. A prerequisite for using the NL09 is that the terms are purchased from the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries [Teknikföretagen].

II.  End users For sales to end users, via the web site or in a different manner, the following shall apply:

• The [Swedish] Consumer Purchases Act

• The Swedish Remote Agreements Act As a result, no other special information needs to be indicated apart from the previously submitted information on the right to cancellation, which shall also be communicated on the web site and enclosed in the shipment.

Any risks to the goods shall be pursuant to the [Swedish] Consumer Purchases Act and shall apply to the end user once he takes possession of the goods. There are no applicable special general terms of delivery that would affect the rights of the end user.

Return and cancellation policy

You have the right to cancel this agreement within 14 days without stating a reason. The deadline for cancelling a purchase expires 14 days after the day when you, or a third party you have indicated as the recipient (excluding the shipping company), take physical possession of the goods. To claim your right to cancellation, send a clear and explicit cancellation message regarding your decision to cancel the agreement to Speedheater System AB (e.g. as a mailed letter or as an e-mail message). You can make use of the enclosed template, however this is not mandatory.

You can reach us at the following address and phone number:

Speedheater System AB,

Norrlandsgatan 1,

441 57 Alingsås, Sweden

Tel: +46 31 336 85 50


To exercise your right to cancellation, it is sufficient to submit your message stating the intention to cancel the purchase before the cancellation deadline expires.

Effect of an exercised cancellation If you cancel this agreement, we will return the payment we have received from you, including delivery costs (however, excluding any additional charges you may have selected over and above the most affordable standard delivery we offer). Repayment will be made without undue delay from the moment we have received the returned product from you and have verified that the said product is in the same condition as when it was shipped to you. You shall be responsible for any reduced value of the goods as a result of use beyond what can be deemed necessary to establish the nature, features and functionality of the goods. We will use the same payment method for the return payment as you have used yourself for the initial transfer, unless a different return payment method has been explicitly and mutually agreed. You will not be charged for the return payment.

When exercising your right to cancel the purchase, as our customer you are required to pay for return shipping of the goods. We are unable to cover the return transport costs for purchases made on-line.

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