The Company

Speedheater System AB

We are today a company that develops, manufactures and sells products and system solutions for paint, putty and varnish removal. We aim to solve our customers’ problems in this field.
The company was founded in 1980 by Birger Ericson, and focused mainly on facade renovations with a steadily increasing amount of paint removal jobs. The work in those days was done with methods then available on the market, such as chemical treatment or blasting. We found that these methods caused considerable damage to the wood surface and had a negative effect on the health of the user, and Birger saw a vast need for new and better technology. Three important requirements were to be met by the new technology:
1. No damage to the surface
2. No harm to the environment or the user
3. Easy to use
The solution was the Speedheater, which is based on IR technology that softens the paint layers all the way down to the wood surface.
The Speedheater technology was presented at a professional painters convention 1991, and operations in the 1990s focused primarily on rental and sales for the professional market.
In the year 2000, the Speedheater 1100 was launched. A smaller, hand-held model, it was  developed also to facilitate window renovations and was intended for the average consumer. During the years that have passed since then, we have developed the Speedheater concept with new, more effective solutions on model 1100, and various accessories such as suspension solutions and scrapers.
We are a company that at every department strives to facilitate and streamline the work, both in the development of new products for our customers as well as in our internal affairs. We have a flat business organization that values every employee equally. Working at Speedheater System entails taking responsibility for one’s area of work, while receiving support from all colleagues. This provides strength and creates an efficient service organization that our customers clearly recognize.